About Us

"Created by a Latina, for everyone." 

- CEO of My Glam Life

My Glam Life was born in Los Angeles in the mind of a young Latina college student who longed for equality amongst her peers until she realized that she was not meant to fit in.

The overall goal of the company is to embrace the power of women of all shapes, sizes, socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities through fashion. We strive to celebrate and encourage women to "do it all." One can excel in more than one area in life and here at My Glam Life, we wish to break the "glass ceiling" that society imposes on women. Especially common amongst the Latino community, women generally are not encouraged enough to go out and fulfill their potential. We are always told to settle instead of reaching for the stars. If you believe you can do something you certainly can attain it. If you shift your paradigm the universe will always reciprocate. Your life can be glam in any manner you want it to be; there are no rules. 

When you purchase a product from us you are not only purchasing a physical item, you are buying a piece of our vision. As a customer you are supporting the movement we are creating thus eternally becoming a part of it. 

We at My Glam Life would personally like to thank you for believing in our vision and supporting us. Your love is deeply appreciated.


My Glam Life